New Instagram Feature: Group Profiles

Instagram has come out with a new feature for Canadians.

Introducing instagram group profiles! Just like facebook you can now create your own group, invite members, and post specifically to the group. This is a great new way for brands to boost their engagement and make customers feel special.

As well as a way to collaborate with other groups and meet people who have similar goals and interests.

So How Do You Make One?

This feature was only released in Canada. If you want to experiment with this new feature you can go to your home page on instagram. Once there you click on the plus symbol as if you were posting like normal.

Once you do a drop down menu will appear. Click group profile.

Creating Your Group

Groups can have their own unique profile picture. As well as a username. You can write an optional description for your group profile to let people know what you group does. A link to a website, whether your own or for the group can be added. If you want your group to be private you can toggle visibility settings. You can add admins who approve posts before they are published in the group by turning on the approve posts function.

How to know if it worked?

Once you’ve set up your logo, description and settings you click create group. It can take a few minutes for the group to show up. To check that your group was published, click settings, group profiles, and a list of the groups you are in will appear.

Now you officially have a group!

You can invite people, edit, post and make admins. We have created our own group on instagram which you can join for more marketing tips. Let us know in the comments if you have tried this feature yet!

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